Customer Training. Greatest investment ever.

Master customer loyalty and growth with world’s best customer training LMS.

Customer training drives growth and improves satisfaction

Training customers can maximize the value they get from your products,
leading to higher customer loyalty, growth and brand recognition.

Improve product adoption and time to values


boost in product adoption rates

Increase customer loyalty while decreasing customer support costs


reduction in support costs

Increase revenue while decreasing customer acquisition costs


Increase in Lifetime value (LTV)

Crafted to captivate. Engineered to excite.

We built our platform — and our reputation — around delivering learning experiences that keep your customers engaged.

In-app Integration

Miho integrates into your app with customized branding for enhanced content consumption.

Community to Engage

Miho promotes collaboration through Communities, enabling your customers to connect, engage, and learn together.

The leading LMS for customer training

“Our customers have never felt more confident using our product, all thanks to the streamlined and effective training process enabled by Miho Platform”


“Miho has been instrumental in reducing time to value for our customers, leading to higher satisfaction and lower churn rates – a true game-changer for our business!”


Invest in a Customer Training Platform That Delivers Results

Measure your impact.
Prove your ROI.

Easily measure your impact on key business goals with analytics and reporting features.

Closed Loop on Anayltics

Detailed analysis of your course and video consumption, integrated into your analytics platform to track adoption and churn impact.

Leverage Customer Training for Your Growth

Effective customer training can influence crucial factors that contribute to your overall revenue generation.

Onboarding and Activation

Effective onboarding education leads to quick time to value and positive first impressions for new users.


Consistent customer education can reduce churn and make your brand integral to customers' daily routine.


Lowering customer acquisition costs is crucial, and customer education can aid in achieving customer retention.


Proactive data-driven insights and CS team recommendations can upsell existing customers.

Why Miho is the best LMS for customer training

With Miho, you have all the necessary tools to create customer training
that is both effective and quantifiable!

No Separate Login Needed


Social learning communities

Unlimited admins


User progress tracking

Learner evaluations

Content engagement

Interactive Content

Engage and Retain Your Top Customers

Increase customer retention and NRR with. powerful customer training driving measurable impact.

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